Friday, February 3, 2012

Watch: Guards - "Do It Again"

Well this is embarrassing. Since witnessing their amazingly lively show at We Listen For You's CMJ showcase, I have mentioned New York City retro pop rock foursome Guards absolutely zero times on this blog. No idea why - they're great. Well here's hoping I can make up for it.

Today, Guards dropped the video for their most recent single "Do It Again" on Spin. The video, directed by Kaylie Schiff, is a modern take on Soul Train that takes place in Los Angeles' Echo Club. Instead of the band performing, there's a mariachi band that is somehow playing "Do It Again" while the members of the band and several others dance their way down the line with some of their best moves. It's fun and features one of the most awesome dancers in a Dracula cape, I've ever seen.

Watch the video for "Do It Again":

(via Listen Before You Buy)

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