Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pitstop: Jonquil

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British quartet Jonquil are part of the vast multitude of bands from far and wide that attended New York's CMJ  Festival that I didn't get a chance to see. In fact, I didn't even know they existed but I saw their name on a poster and made a physical and mental note to check out their music. Almost five months later, I'm finally making good.

Jonquil is kind of what happens when you blend together equal parts Lord Huron ("Get Up") and Youth Lagoon ("I Don't Know I Know"). On the One Hundred Suns EP, there's the intricate trop-pop stylings that Lord Huron is known for with those arresting moments that Youth Lagoon has made his forte. But Jonquil are more than just a band that reminds you of other bands you might like (the Whistle Low EP's "Nite Time Story" reminds me greatly of Hot Club de Paris' "Boy Awaits Return of a Runaway Girl" but I digress). Jonquil's balmy tracks are stacked with their own brand of infectious pop with lilting melodies and waves of sound that peak at exactly the right time with trumpet swells and the like. Jonquil's jangly guitars resonate with surprising precision for songs with such a laidback vibe - each member fits together exceptionally and clearly despite the pervasive haze. One Hundreds Suns is a sun-kissed reverie crackling with moments of emotional intensity and soothing them with bits of dance-able pop.

Get a taste of Jonquil with a couple tunes from Whistle Low and One Hundred Suns below:

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