Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lost in the Trees - "Golden Eyelids"

I can't shake the feeling that North Carolina folkcestra Lost in the Trees' A Church That Fits Our Needs is going to reduce each and everyone of its listeners to blubbering piles of raw emotion. Why? Well everything they do seems to be imbued with a downright unfair amount of deeply affecting emotion. What's more, it's all earnest - the album's a tribute to Ari Picker's late mother and each track is filled to the absolutely brim with love and dressed up in layers of care and understanding. At least from what I've heard so far of it.

Today we get another preview of the album with "Golden Eyelids" and while it's not as strangely catchy as "Red", it's no less soul-stirring. If the tenderly crafted orchestration wasn't enough to send you on an emotional bender, each time Picker opens his mouth he cuts straight to the heart in a way that should be downright illegal. Listen to beautiful new track "Golden Eyelids":
Lost In The Trees - Golden Eyelids by antirecords

(via KCRW Blog)

Lost in the Trees' A Church That Fits Our Needs is out March 20th on Anti-

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