Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pitstop: Hundred Waters

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My discovery of Gainesville quintet Hundred Waters is due in part to a stray tweet from I Guess I'm Floating proclaiming how amazing they are as well as their slot on a bill next month featuring two of my favorite bands: Conveyor and Illuminator. When a band tells you to be excited about something, you damn well better be. And that's how I approached Hundred Waters, with expectations of greatness but little else.

There's not much I can tell you about Hundred Waters. Unlike the multitude of bands seeking exposure, the quintet carry around them an air of mystery and lack the heavily-detailed artist bio. What I can tell you is that Hundred Waters is the combination of bands from the Gainesville area into one that is unquestionably amazing. Hundred Waters are one of those rare bands that are my favorite to talk about: those with no discernible genre labeling. Instead to accurately understand what you get when you listen to them, you have to actually listen to them. Their music is a heady rush of textural soundscapes that's hypnotically intoxicating. Nicole Miglis' delicate siren vocals function as the main grasping point - as sparse instrumentation gives way to layer and layer of sonic world building. 

Hundred Waters' music is a breath of fresh air for the more than casual music listener - A great example of what happens to the sum when all of it's individual parts are just plain fantastic. Hundred Waters draws you in rather effortless and lets you coast on wave after undulating wave of dreamy landscapes that just happen to be anything but. If it's so easy to lose yourself in just the three tunes they have available, I can only imagine the damage their full length will do when it comes out in April. It's definitely a must-listen. 

Hear Hundred Waters distinctive genre-defying tunes:

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