Friday, February 3, 2012

Watch: Good Old War - "Calling Me Names"

As long as they those beautiful three-part harmonies and Tim Arnold's general badassery, Philadelphia folk pop trio Good Old War could read the phonebook and I'd be a fan. Thankfully on their new record, Come Back As Rain, they do none of that. Owing to the record's inspiration of being on the road and homesickness, the video for their latest single "Calling Me Names", follow the men of Good Old War driving around having a good old time in sepia color. It's a kind of cute video for a kind of cute song and one more chance for you to hear Tim Arnold nail those high harmonies before the record comes out.

Watch Good Old War's video for "Calling Me Names":

Good Old War's Come Back As Rain is out March 6th on Sargent House.

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