Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Watch: Plants and Animals - "Lightshow"

No one track has ever made me want to purchase an album as badly as Plants and Animals' "Lightshow". Even when the less impressive "Song For Love" came out, my love for "Lightshow" was unwavering. I did briefly wonder if The End of All That would be as great an album as I expected but pressing play on "Lightshow" immediately silenced all doubt. So while the album comes out today and I haven't listened to it yet, Plants and Animals have also dropped the video for "Lightshow" which I am far more excited for (the power of the amazing first single).

The video is pretty simple - The Canadian trio rock out and a team of scientists observe and make notes and because Plants and Animals rock so hard, they end up overloading all the scientists fancy equipment. There's also some cool graphics that register the bands level of rock that do some fun stuff when the band really gets into it. Overall a pretty decent video for a track I'm totally nuts about. Watch the video for Plants and Animals' "Lightshow":

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