Thursday, February 2, 2012

Listen: Heart-Sick Groans - "If the Canary Stops Singing"

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(Photo by Simon Hellsten)

Considering that they're going on their fourth year of officially putting out music, its a bit surprising more people haven't heard of Swedish indie pop trio Heart-Sick Groans. They were among the first new bands brought to my attention by Eardrums Music when they were featured on the Fall themed compilation album A Good Crop (alongside established acts like Fanfarlo and Sambassadeur) back in 2008 and they've pretty much been hard-working on new material ever since.

Last year, Heart-Sick Groans put out both their third EP Look!!! These Three Painters of Hits Have Done It Again! as well as the first track and subsequent video, "A Bossanova with This Casanova"  from their upcoming six song EP . Unlike their previous releases, rather than put out a batch of sweet tunes for rabid consumption, the threesome have decided to slow down their process and give each track an individual release with about a month between. This upcoming Friday marks the release of their brand new single "If the Canary Stops Singing" but in a gesture of friendship and good graciousness, the three are letting you hear it a day early: here.

Yup, that's right. World premiere of Heart-Sick Groans' latest single "If the Canary Stops Singing" right here at All Around Sound. Enjoy.

And if you like what you hear, you can grab Heart-Sick Groans other tunes on their Bandcamp. And keep up with news of the EP on Facebook or Twitter as well as right here. So stay tuned.

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