Saturday, February 11, 2012

Watch: Little Tybee - "Mind Grenade" live

My discovery of River Whyless, Little Tybee's future touring mates, essentially sent me on a search for more Little Tybee stuffs. One thing I discovered is that Little Tybee have some of the best live videos I have ever laid my eyes and ears on. I also might be a little in love with bandleader Brock Scott's very distinct voice.

After discovering a live video of "Hearing Blue" posted by My Folking Heart, I also discovered this video for a new song (at least to me) called "Mind Grenade" by poking around Paper Garden Records' twitter, it's not on Humorous to Bees and doesn't appear to be on Little Tybee's album before that so my greatest hope is that it's a new track off their upcoming For Distant Viewing. Here's hoping I'm right because the track is just brilliant and I need to hear more of it.

Watch Little Tybee's video for "Mind Grenade" for Laundro Matinee:

Little Tybee - Mind Grenade from LaundroMatinee on Vimeo.

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