Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Listen: Flock of Dimes - "(This Is Why) I Can't Wear White"

I know Jenn Wasner's main band Wye Oak are totally about due for another album but surely Wasner's own solo project Flock of Dimes has enough tracks for an EP/full length to be on the horizon, right? I mean late last year we got her debut "Prison Bride" and tracks have been randomly appearing on her Soundcloud pretty much ever since. She's even releasing a 7" with Merge Records. So album me please, Flock of Dimes.

If you think I'm being too insistent, take a listen to Wasner's latest ditty "(This Is Why) I Can't Wear White", it's different from the total layered pop onslaught of "Prison Bride" in that it at least starts a bit slower and simpler. And then it starts to really rock. Although the rock doesn't quite reach the break-neck pace of "Prison Bride", it makes "I Can't Wear White" into baby making music. The bending guitar licks are downright obscene and Wasner's vocals are as sultry as they've ever been.

I might not be able to make out all the words but I'm going to assume the reason Jenn Wasner can't wear white is directly related to her ability to make sexy music.

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