Monday, October 1, 2012

Listen: Gracie - Creature Pleaser

For those of you regular blog readers, you might be thinking "Didn't this song come out MONTHS ago?" and the answer to that would be an empathetic yes. But sometimes in the constant search for new tunes or even just new things to be excited about (that aren't particular new to anyone but myself), I lose sight of something I really meant to check out ages ago. That's more or less the story with Gracie's "Creature Pleaser".

Earlier this year when I discovered Small Plates Records, Gracie's Treehouse EP was on an positively absurd amount of repeats. And for some odd reason I neglected to check out the latest single for a hopefully soon forthcoming debut full length from now Brooklyn based pop-crafter Gracie. The best thing about not discovering "Creature Pleaser" until now is that it happened when there's relatively less albums for me to be going crazy about meaning the wide majority of my time could go toward cramming more and more of Gracie's latest jam in my ear-holes.

What makes "Creature Pleaser" so great? Well for starters it's a positively guilt-free jam from it's lively out-of-the-gate jaunt. It's an almost impossibly upbeat romp which pairs a simplistic but no less enjoyable or less layered delivery with an obvious finely crafted construction. Its melody is all-consuming, grabbing hold on you from the start. There's also the little break-down that happens midway through where everything stops and gets built back up and it's a completely modest and utterly endearing gambit for an electronic artist to employ. Exposing just how the ear-catching onslaught was created. But rather than shatter the illusion, the break helps to just pump you up even for more.

Get on your dancing shoes, Ladies and Gents. Gracie's going to make you NEED to dance.

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