Thursday, October 11, 2012

Listen: Young Dreams - "Fog of War"

It's hard to believe it's almost coming up on a year since I first was introduced to Young Dreams via Sondre Lerche's Best of 2011 Spotify playlist but what an almost year it's been. I fell utterly and completely in love with their "Dream alone, wake together" from one of the two singles they released last year and I've been waiting patiently for their full length debut and it seems like we're getting close.

"Fog of War" is the first official single from the forthcoming debut and simply put: it's an absolute dream. From it's percussive start to it's string flourishes, "Fog of War" is no doubt set to become much more beloved than "Dream alone, wake together" and for good reason. It's far more fast-paced and dancier but filled with lovely frills and multiple remarkable parts. The string arrangements alone enough to further prove my theory that all of the best music arrangers are from somewhere in Scandinavia.

There's also the issue of Matias Tellez and his practically overwhelming charm as he takes lead of the jubilant, dreamy track. It's a track more or less about youthful rebellion but there's no aggressiveness in it, rather of hopes and dreams delivered with a pleasant charisma that makes you nod your head quickly in agreement. It's mobilizing and the fact that its surrounded by most endearing, most engaging, and most ear-catching musicianship does it all the more justice.

Young Dreams' "Fog of War" is pretty much perfect, a unquestionable favorite that actually make me fear for the upcoming full length because if all the tracks are this caliber, I won't want to listen to anything else. Listen to "Fog of War":

Young Dreams "Fog of War" single is out in the US on October 16th with remixes by Baio, Koralleven, and Lemonade on Modular. They also have a cover of Tame Impala's "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" off Lonerism titled "Feels Like We Only Go Bachwards" that'll be featured on Tame Impala's single out November 20th, also on Modular.

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