Thursday, October 4, 2012

Watch: Efterklang - "Apples"

One of my favorite things about Danish trio Efterklang, aside from putting their own innovating at at most time orchestra spin on pop music, is that the trio often combine music and visuals in such a stunningly artistic way. Their latest video for "Apples" is no different: the first music video to ever feature the band themselves, there's a bit of a twist as Efterklang's members turn their bare torsos into canvas for footage of their Piramida excursion  shot by Andreas Koefoel, art created by frequent collaborators Hvass&Hannibal, as well as footage of the band in their new Berlin base shot director duo Oodls. All of it is blended up enough to create this pretty remarkable viewing experience where your eyes are glued to Efterklang's backs as you watch scene after scene and shot after shot play out on their skins. It's a pretty engaging video that takes a rather simple concept and really runs with it in an enticing way.

Watch Efterklang's video for "Apples":

Efterklang's fourth studio album Piramida is out now on 4AD. You can purchase it here or stream it on Spotify.

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