Monday, October 8, 2012

Watch: Hundred Waters - "Visitor" Live for Grooveshark

It's not enough that Gainesville quintet Hundred Waters have put out one of this year's most stellar records or that their live set might be one of the most magical things you experience in your whole life. No. Hundred Waters want to make perfectly clear that you know that they also film amazing live videos. It's like the magic of seeing them live without leaving the comfort of you home and placeholder until they stop by again on tour of until you can convince them to visit your small podunk town to brighten up what is certain to be a dark, unfulfilling existence before your first Hundred Waters show.

Grooveshark recently showed up at the fivesome's Gainesville digs and filmed this beautiful video of Hundred Waters doing what they do best: performing with such precision and grace as to practically have you speaking in tongues from the awesome. Enjoy!

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