Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pitstop: Night Beds

                                                            (photo by Aubrey Swander)

It should be practically common knowledge that I take music suggestions from bands/artists I love with the utmost reverence. Because if you can make music great enough to enrapture me, obviously you know a thing or two about what I like and your tastes is in part somewhat similar to mine. Not too long I was chatting with Martin Crane of Brazos and he mentioned Night Beds. While I couldn't make it to their no doubt excellent show together at Union Pool earlier this month, I made a note to give Night Beds my immediate and full attention.

The moniker of singer/songwriter Winston Yellen, Night Beds creates dreamy folk not unlike Carter Tanton or Husky touched with windswept plainsiness and a definite pop sensibility. Truth be told, I was reminded almost immediately of Young Man's Colin Caulfield. Similarly aligned in their youthful pondering, their earnest delivery, their evident quest for answers and meanings but where Caulfield's bursts forth with lengthy, upbeat pop jaunts, Yellen's is more introspective, darker, sweeping not overwhelming.

In "Even If We Try", Yellen staves off the eventual dip into poppiness until you're already hooked on his fountaining vocal flourishes and emotive surges.  In fact, if you're coming for the pop, you'd be best to pick up the Every Fire; Every Joy EP as Night Beds' most recent release the "Even If We Try" 7" with b-side "You Were Afraid" is a bit more on the quieter side.

Night Beds' "Even If We Try" 7" is out now on Dead Oceans but make sure you get the full effect with the Every Fire; Every Joy EP:

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