Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Peter Broderick - These Walls Of Mine (2012)

Anyone who's followed the career of singer/songwriter/composer/violinist Peter Broderick will know that his is a rather unconventional one. At least as far as his varied output is concerned. His catalog consists of commissioned works for dance (Falling From Trees, Music for Congregation) and film (Music for Confluence, "Old Time"/"Solace in Gala"), proper vocal albums (Home, How They Are aka It Starts Hear), and compositions, recording projects, and experiments (Docile, Float, 4 Track Songs, Ten Duets) and Peter Broderick's latest, his second album released this year,  is another collection of experiments based upon vocals as opposed to Broderick's instrumental or recording ones.

These Walls of Mine manages to capture the soul of Broderick's appeal while also revealing a stunning new side to the songwriter/composer. An album of lyrical experimentation as well as a genre-amassing body of work, These Walls of Mine is the perfect compliment to It Starts Hear. The latter a summation and emotion-stirring representation of Broderick's past ("A Tribute To Our Letter Writing Days", "Blue", "Colin"),  These Walls Of Mine is an actual collection of songs more or less from that period. When you read that Peter Broderick is dabbling in gospel ("Proposed Solution To The Mystery Of The Soul"), soul ("I've Tried"), spoken word ("When I Blank I Blank", "These Walls Of Mine I") and even rap ("These Walls of Mine II"), it's totally reasonable to be skeptical. However when you realize the same aspect that draws you to Broderick's music is also the same that allows him to artfully dabble in these genres, your fears are assuaged or should be. Broderick is a musician of remarkable sincerity. Even at his most quirky, his most humorous, Broderick comes off as honest and genuine and charmingly so.

Despite the fact that These Walls of Mine's main focus is lyrical, the album is littered with its fair share of memorable, hummable melodies and endearing musical moments. A testament to Peter Broderick's skills as songwriter that even when it's not his priority that engaging musical moments will shine through.

Give a listen to Peter Broderick's These Walls of Mine out now on Erased Tapes.

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