Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Listen: Hundred Waters - "Haven"

It's been a pretty good couple years for bands and video game music from The National's "Exile Vilify" in Portal 2 to Sun Kil Moon's "Heron Blue" in Gears of War 3. And in a completely unexpected twist Gainesville quintet Hundred Waters have thrown their hats into the arena so to speak and remixed a track by composer Neil Davidge from Halo 4. Though I'm not entirely certain if their remix will be in the game, they do have the honor of being on a remix album with artists like James Iha and Apocalyptica (others too but I'm not too familiar with them).

Though working from Davidge's source material, the quintet put their own spin on the track featuring Nicole Miglis' characteristic fey-like coo, there's a little bit of Paul Giese and Trayer Tryon's computer magic as well as some flute action for those who are fans of it in Hundred Waters own music. Basically if you're a fan of Hundred Waters captivating experimentalism, you'll be more than pleased with their remix. In fact if no one told you otherwise, it'd pass pretty convincingly as one of the collective's own tracks.

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