Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Listen: Telekinesis - "Clock Strikes Midnight"

While bands/artists and blogs are foisting their Christmas-themed songs upon us earlier an earlier this year, it's easier to forget that Halloween is a thing. A big thing. Sure, trick-or-treating isn't really a thing for adults but we get Halloween parties. And not just any Halloween parties; Halloween parties for days. The whole weekend leading up to it and perhaps even the weekend after are fair game for a party.

And while there's a ton of spooky themed tracks, Michael Benjamin Lerner aka Telekinesis offers up his own creation to the theme mix. It's a short but oh so sweet track very much in line with his power-pop stylings and it's a great addition to your Halloween party playlist. Especially if you want people to throw caution to the wind and get their boogie on.

Give Telekinesis' "Clock Strikes Midnight" a listen and download it if you like it (Don't worry, you will):

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