Monday, October 1, 2012

Pitstop: Landshapes

It's hard to believe it's been about three years since I was first introduced to British folk outfit Lulu and the Lampshades over on Eardrums Music. Since then the group has been more or less silently plying their trade and has most notably undergone a name change. They're now called Landshapes and in a rush of new-name fervor we're getting new tracks from the group. 

One of the most famous tracks from Landshapes in their Lulu and the Lampshades days was "Cups(You're Gonna Miss Me)"  named after their rather impressive ability to create percussive effects with a set of stackable cups and it seems they have no intentions of shelving the track anytime soon. Which is a relief since it's probably one of my favorite tracks to come from the group (Though in truth there were only about two others to choose from). Landshapes uploaded "Cups" to their bandcamp along with a new track by the name of "Cold Water" which is rather in-line with their brand of peppy harmony-laden chamber pop.  

There's also demo of a song called "Racehorse" which is rather reminscient of a slower, much less dance-y North Highlands. It's also the most down tempo track we've heard from the quartet so far so that's pretty exciting. It's not all sunshine and rainbow-tinted folk pop. Instead for "Racehorse", the quartet channel their more experimental side and really showcase some vocals. It's a refreshing change of pace, really. 


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