Monday, October 29, 2012

Listen: Villagers - "Passing A Message"

Today, Irish band Villagers released their second single "Passing A Message" and it proves that they electronic sound the featured on "The Waves" wasn't just some fluke. It's real, very very real. Their sophomore record Awayland will probably be full to the brim of the stuff. So if you liked Conor O'Brien being all folksy and brooding, you'll have to play Becoming A Jackal on infinite repeat until maybe Villagers third album?

However, if "The Waves" was totally up your alley (and even if it's wasn't) then you are by far in luck. "Passing A Message", in my honest opinion, is the better of the two glimpses at Awayland. It's simpler, groovier, more poetic lyrically (or rather, the lyrics are far easier to appreciate), and I have a hard time believing anyone wouldn't be a fan of it. Diehard folk fans included. It's short and sweet and has just the right amount of jazz chords getting thrown down to make it kinda dance-y. Basically this time round, O'Brien decided to at least sound more upbeat and that's turning out to be a good thing.

Watch/listen to Villagers new single "Passing A Message":

Villagers' sophomore effort Awayland is out January 2013 on Domino Records.

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