Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pitstop: Thin Hymns

One of the best things, greater than a submissions inbox, is having musical friends because that's exactly how I discovered Chicago's Thin Hymns. Caleb Moore of Lands & Peoples recently hosted a house show in Baltimore home and Thin Hymns were one of the bands to take advantage of Caleb's hospitality. Apparently they made the quite the impression because not long after Caleb strongly suggested I check them out. Done.

There's certainly many attractive qualities about the Chicago quintet: the most winsome being a sort of loose reminiscence to Daniel Rossen/Department of Eagles - two projects that I've always been very much onboard with. But the association is loose, I assure you. They don't employ any of the tremendous engulfing arrangements that Rossen's solo projects are known for. Rather it's the sort of mysterious, otherworldly yet never ethereal air the quintet manage to achieve on their Logic & Theory EP that's cause for the comparison. There's also vestiges of Prussia's intricate, layered chamber pop a la Poor English on "Logic & Theory" and "Inland" and a little hint of Brazos' "Pues" in instrumental track "Lunar Phase".

But Thin Hymns are more than just the sum of other bands/artists I really got into this year. They're talented pop makers, crafting memorable and infectious tunes steeped in experimental, complex soundscapes. And that's a feat in and of itself. The effects of Thin Hymns' tracks are direct even when their presentation and construction are anything but. In a lot of ways they're very similar to Lands & Peoples, creating a sort of effortless though no doubt intensively constructed experimental pop that you can enjoy easily upon first listen. There's no need to warm up to Thin Hymns tracks. Their enjoyable properties are all laid there for it, it's all just a matter of hearing it. So do yourself a favor and give Thin Hymns a listen, you'll be glad you did.

 You can check out their Logic & Theory EP over on Bandcamp. Here's hoping there's more to come soon.

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