Monday, March 5, 2012

All Around Sound Is Turning Two! - Day 1: MiddleClassWhiteNoise

This week (March 10th to be exact), All Around Sound is turning two years old and to celebrate this momentous occasion I thought I'd do something a little special: To help ring in the occasion I asked a couple of blogs/miscellaneous awesome people to contribute a little something to make things a little more festive with some playlists. 

First up we have my good pal Sam at Middle Class White Noise. Sam was essentially one of the first blog friends I ever made, one late night/early morning in the now pretty-much-entirely forgotten Mumuplayer. The original idea for this week was blogs that have influenced my blog and while that might not exactly be the case with Middle Class White Noise, me and Sam have traded band after band, covered the same artists, and the idea to put together a playlist is a not-so-secret homage to his enormous multi-hour playlists. I don't aspire for my blog to be more like his blog per-say but rather value Sam's taste and opinion more than that of the standard blogger. 

Sam's Contribution:
I won't lie, the concept for my playlist was borne out of laziness and a bit of an inflated ego. You see, my playlist isn't really about All Around Sound. Well, it is in the sense that it's deliberately music you might not find on All Around Sound and that you might find on MCWN. And even then, it's not entirely accurate since the first four songs are exactly the kind of songs--y'know, folky and poppy--you might find on All Around Sound. So sorry about that. But then, if you are a regular reader on All Around Sound, these might be the perfect songs to get you into the rest of this particular playlist. So, with a little forethought it all sounds pretty deliberate.
The original idea of the playlist, though, was based on a mental division between 'day' music and 'night' music. The former is made of largely upbeat songs that one might listen to in the car on a sunny day. The latter, night songs, which start with Fink's "Ever Since I was a Kid" are more relaxed and electronic tracks, the kind of stuff one would cool down to after a long day. The "night" songs bear the stronger trademark of MCWN while the "day" songs have the most overlap with All Around Sound. I'm not sure how successful the concept was, but I hope you like it.
You can listen to Sam's playlist on Spotify here. Curious what's on it? Here's a text version:
1. Stornoway - "Zorbing"
2. M. Ward - "Chinese Translation"
3. Hey Marseilles - "Rio"
4. Dan Mangan - "Road Regrets"
5. Pomegranates - "Osidius The Emphatic"
6. We Are Augustines - "Book of James"
7. The National - "Bloodbuzz Ohio"
8. Tears For Fears - "Everybody Wants To Rule The World"
9. Ducky - "Killing Time"
10. Fun. - "Some Nights"
11. Fink - "Ever Since I Was A Kid - Pt. 1"
12. Tycho - "Coastal Brake"
13. Shigeto - "Lineage"
14. Amon Tobin - "Easy Muffin"
15. The Cinematic Orchestra - "Channel 1 Suite"
16. The Antlers - "Rolled Together"
17. Gorillaz - "Hong Kong"
18. Blur - "Sweet Song"
19. Broken Social Scene - "Sentimental X's"
20. Art Blakey Quintet - "Once In A While (Live) (Rudy Van Gelder Edition)"
21. Bill Evans, Morgan Zetterlund - "So Long Big Time"


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