Saturday, March 10, 2012

All Around Sound is Turning Two! - Day 6 Pt. 1: We Listen For You

Today, March 10th, All Around Sound turns two years old. To celebrate the milestone, I decided to have a week-long birthday extravaganza and asked several blogs/friends/music loves to contribute a little something special in the form of some fantastic playlists.

Ah, We Listen For You. Zach (one half of Team WLFY) has singlehandedly proven that Louisville is a veritable hotbed of musical talent that I for some reason ignored. Acts like The Deloreans, Nerves Junior, and The Pass (which tragically I haven't mentioned nearly enough)  all have his seal of approval. Man's got extensive knowledge of the classics and wields them well. His fiery passion and relentless zeal have pushed me to check out music I might not have otherwise discovered like Best of 2011 album Marissa Nadler or Lambchop's Mr. M. Zach's also one of the only bloggers I have an in-real-life tangible relationship with: putting on one hell of a CMJ showcase and gearing up to put on what's sure to be another great showcase at SXSW. Essentially, the man's got golden ears and shows it by presenting music in a way that makes you stop everything you're doing to give it a listen.

Zach's Contribution:

 I had been a friend with Dante over twitter for months before actually meeting him in person.  Twitter is a weird place where people can change their personalities and edit down their thoughts unlike in real life where you can edit moment to moment.  I met Dante at my showcase at CMJ 2011 on rainy day.  What you should know about throwing a show is that the person hosting, much like a party, can rarely have fun as they are wrapped up in millions of questions and surrounded by worries.  One of my concerns was the turnout for the first band as it was early and the weather was keeping people in bed, nursing their hangovers from the night before.  Dante, a true music fan, showed up before the show started, right at doors open, with a smile on his face.  He engaged with each band and never once went to his phone to check Twitter or take annoying photos every five seconds like a lot of concertgoers.  We had a blast and I knew from that point that Dante was a true music fan with a sense of adventure for musical exploration that I deem necessary for a person to be a great music blogger.  Since then I’ve been an avid reader of All Around Sound and cherish my friendship with Dante, built on common taste in sounds, but solidified by a mutual respect, appreciation, and excitement for music.

For this mix, I decided to mix the cheesy with the emotional.  The cheesy comes in the form of presentation, as I made an acronym out of ALL AROUND SOUND.  The actual tracks come from my take on birthdays.  I see them as days of reflection and introspection.  These fourteen tracks always keep me in a thoughtful trance and if you’re looking for some songs to take you to the center of your brain space, hopefully these will take you there.  Happy Blog Birthday Dante!    

Listen to Zach's mix on Spotify here. Here's the text version:
1) Elliott Smith - "Alameda"
2) Nico - "Little Sister"
3) Marissa Nadler - "Leather Made Shoes"
4) The Magnetic Fields - "Asleep and Dreaming"
5) Sufjan Stevens - "Romulus"
6) Tom Waits - "Ol' 55"
7) Beach House - "Used to Be"
8) Cat Power - "Names"
9) Nick Drake - "Day Is Done"
10) Vashti Bynyan - "Same But Different"
11) Andrew Bird - "Opposite Day"
12) Beirut - "Un Dernier Verre (Pour La Route)"
13) Bert Jansch - "Nottamun Town"
14) Sparklehorse - "Devil's New"

Enjoy! And stay tuned for Pt. 2 later today.

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