Monday, March 5, 2012

Cheyenne Marie Mize - We Don't Need EP (2012)

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I was trying to remember when I've heard of Louisville songstress Cheyenne Marie Mize when it dawned upon me: the sultry songtress is featured on Ben Sollee's Inclusions. Being associated with Sollee is a bit of a double-edged sword - the man's reputation as a dynamic innovator is approaching the stuff of legend so anyone associated with him might be regarded with the same expectations of inventiveness. Luckily for Mize, she lives up to the expectation.

On We Don't Need, Mize achieves in 6 songs what some artists fail to do in a whole album - create a collection of songs invigoratingly good and boldly unique while also fitting perfectly together. Cheyenne Marie Mize has a remarkable talent for balance - noisy without being deafening, spacious yet in no way lacking. Mize's also got considerable vocal chops - fiery in "Wishing Well" and "Keep It", silky smooth (and still a bit fiery) in "It Lingers", haunting and barely there in "Back Around". We Don't Need distinguishes Mize as a certifiable bad ass and yet not wholly without feeling. The girl rocks and while she doesn't exactly break the mold she sure does rough it up a bit.

Get a taste of Cheyenne Marie Mize with this live video for "Keep It":

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