Friday, March 23, 2012

Watch: Heart-Sick Groans - "If The Canary Stops Singing"

Quickly following up on the release of their latest single "If The Canary Stops Singing", Swedish indie-pop trio Heart-Sick Groans are offering up a brand new video in the similar animated vein of videos past. However unlike the others in which they enlisted the help of friends and outside talent, this video was created by the group's very own Henric Wallmark.

When I saw several stills from the video on the trio's Facebook page, I thought I more or less knew what the video was going to be about - the song is based on an old tale about love and danger in a Swedish mine. Well Henric Wallmark has certainly proved  me wrong: the video's plot isn't at all what I expected (in a good way). Though the video begins with a miner pining after his far away love, the action quickly moves outside of the mines as he and his canary attempt to find her and she makes her way home to him. I won't ruin the ending because it's a very good twist but it's pretty inspired. Another lovely video from the Swedish trio that can't seem to do wrong!


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