Friday, March 2, 2012

Elle s'appelle to release debut album

Almost two months ago, I saw seemingly random status update from Liverpool band 28 Costumes announcing that they would be releasing their 2nd album This Band Has Eaten All Our Money via Used Vinyl Club/Rekordmeister Music. Intrigued I went to the page and it announced not only that but a slew of other exciting releases - like the release of Elle s'appelle's debut album The Amazing World 'o Stuff.

Some background: Rekordmeister Music is a label set up in 2008 by now-defunct Elle s'appelle bandleader Andy Donovan, members of the band 28 Costumes, as well as their manager. They've released singles for bands House That Jack Built and Hallo...I love you! as well as the first single from 28 Costumes sophomore album "This Band Has Eaten All Our Money". This year they started The Used Vinyl Club a project featuring monthly limited edition releases and performances at Mello Mello in Liverpool.  

There's actually releases from a whole bunch of Liverpool bands worth checking out like House That Jack Built and Voo. So if you're interested, make sure and check them out here or here.

You can hear two new Elle s'appelle tracks:

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