Monday, March 12, 2012

Watch: The Elwins & Luke Lalonde - "Countdown" (Beyonce cover) live

I might have a new obsession: Indie-rock Beyonce covers. As if Beyonce's "Countdown" wasn't good enough, a bunch of enterprising bands and artists have decided to try their hand at the warm fuzzy-inducing pop song. First there was Sondre Lerche as a Christmas gift and now Canadian indie pop quarter The Elwins tackle the song with the help of Luke Lalonde from Born Ruffians. The result: Pure unfiltered awesome. They, like Lerche, change a bit of the words because they're men and want gender-specific correctness but the whole thing is playful indie rock romp that fun and kind of impressive.


  1. Hey Dante, I'm glad you're digging it! We're really happy with the way this worked out and we'll have more of these in the future!

    Mojito Mastering

  2. That's awesome. More from these bands or just like, more recordings in this studio? Cause I'm totally down with either one of those.