Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Youth - June EP (2012)

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One of my favorite up-and-comers, Youth, is back. Earlier this year the Portland-based quartet made good on their promise of an EP and the results are exactly as good as you might think. Coming off the double A-side they released last year, June continues in their summery jams in the best way. The group has refined their playing and added a bunch of new tricks to their arsenal like the elevated vocals duties of Maggie Morris on "September" and "Into the Bay".

Lead track "Beach Haven" plays very much like a summer anthem or beginning of the season soundtrack track, filled with a surfery vibe and loads of jangly instrumental breaks and harmonized shout vocals and Elec Morin's laidback drawl.

Several of the tracks that have been floating around the internet make their way onto June. Like "9/11" which now goes by "September" and "The Earthquake" from their Live in Santa Barbara lo-fi recording. June is an assortment of rock jams that are as fun as they are enjoyable - they're serious in the cases of tracks like "September" and  "Into the Bay" but all still crackle with a joyful energy of a band that really enjoys what they're doing.

You can hear some of June on Youth's Bandcamp.

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