Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Matty Fasano - "Christopher"

Considering how much I talk about ARMS, you're probably more than familiar with Matty Fasano. If not, let me quickly bring you up to speed: Matty Fasano is ARMS' bassist, occasional synth player, and is responsible for all those creamy dreamy harmonies you hear on Summer Skills and the EP released way back in 2010. Matty Fasano is also a member of Illuminator (where he also holds down the harmonies) and last year he released the "Unkind"/"Unusual" single. This year, Fasano is releasing an EP by the name of Living in Armchairs and though I haven't heard it yet, it's definitely a must own for me. Why? Well, based on the strength of Fasano's debut single last year and new track "Christopher", it's pretty hard not to get excited about the EP.

"Christopher" builds on top of the piano-centric ballads of "Unkind" and stormy "Unusual" to create a proper evolution of the two. Fasano continues to shy away from the pop conventions that he inexplicably might fall in, in favor of songwriting that relies far more on being emotionally evocative than being catchy or memorable (which fortunately, it is) and plays to Fasano's obvious strengths - the track filled to the brim with lovely, lovely harmonies.

 Christopher by Matty Fasano

(via Rawkblog)

Matty Fasano's Living In Armchairs is out April 3rd. Matty Fasano is also playing a release show with Friend Roulette, you can buy tickets here.

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