Thursday, March 8, 2012

Parlovr - "Holding On To Something"

Yesterday, Montreal trio Parlovr announced the release of their brand new upcoming album Kook Soul and premiered the first single over at Noisey. While looking for some sort of way to host the premiered track here, I stumbled upon this other song also on the upcoming album. "Holding On To Something"  follows in the footsteps of first album single "You Only Want It When You're Lonely" in that alternates unpredictably from section to section - one featuring a repetitive scalar climb, the other ramshackle rock shout vocals. Together they create an insanely catchy tune that I'm not sure I'll ever stop listening to. If I do, it'll only be to listen to that other new Parlovr song.

Parlovr's upcoming album Kook Soul is out May 15th on Dine Alone Records.

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