Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lower Dens - "Propagation"

We've already had a taste of what to expect on the new album from Baltimore's Lower Dens in the form of "Brains". It was and upbeat jam that was unlike anything you might've heard on Twin-Hand Movement and that was refreshing and exciting and giddy-inducingly wonderful. And now with their new track "Propagation", Lower Dens show us that Nootropics might very well be most well-rounded record to date (they only had one other one, the aforementioned Twin-Hand Movement, but the point still stands). While the new track would no doubt follows in the feel and tempo of many of the tracks of their debut, it manages to be quite a bit above it. I'm reminded almost insantly of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and not in a bad way. It's drudge-y, spacious, and clean using its expansive sprawl effectively - one of things that's so cool about it is you can actually hear Jana Hunter's voice echo back at her. "Propagation" would actually make for some killer end-credits music.

Hear the slow-burning "Propagation" here:

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