Thursday, March 15, 2012

Watch: Fanfarlo - "Everything Turns"

British indie-pop quintet Fanfarlo continue their collaboration with director Alex Southam, this time in the video for instrumental track "Everything Turns".

A series of seemingly random images, the video for "Everything Turns" is actually the second out of the three films filmed with Alex Southam (with "Replicate" being No. 1 and "De.con.struc.tion" being No. 3) and kind of bridges the gap between them. "Replicate" with it's jumble of images and "De.con.struc.tion" with it's far more coherent sequence, "Everything Turns" is filmed in the same black and white style and when not featuring the flashes of random images, sees the band members setting up the space in what's to be the setting for the next video.

Though there's no realm sense of coherency besides that, Southam still stitches together a visual spectacle worth viewing - there's all sorts of stimulating effects to accompany the rather sparse instrumental track. Watch the kinda eerie video for "Everything Turns":

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