Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Secret Mountains - Winter Sessions (2012)

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Earlier this year, Baltimore psych-rock sextet Secret Mountains had the distinguished honor of being invited to spend a weekend in Converse's Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn. Which is great news for any Secret Mountains fan as we now get to hear the results. They have their debut full length coming out sometime this year but these masterful live session tracks will certainly do for now.

"Weepy Little Fingers" was released as a single last year, but new tracks "Make Love Stay" and "Golden Blue" are also bundled in and they're fantastic. Featuring the subtle build into brilliant controlled shoegaze-y chaos and  gigantic rock moments that Secret Mountains seem to own so effortless. Also, Kelly Laughlin remains a total dynamo, helming the storming sounds with her own bold, brassy vocals that are simply intoxicating.

The three song Winter Sessions will be available tomorrow via Friends Records as well as in person on they're upcoming tour to SXSW and beyond.

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