Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Watch: Olivia Quillio ft. Meagan Duffy - "New Home" live

I have a lot of loves. I talk about them pretty constantly (*cough* ARMS *cough*) but perhaps one of the most appropriate amounts of love I have is reserved for Olivia Quillio. I stumbled upon her more or less randomly when she played with John Craigie lat year and from the second she opened her mouth - I had fallen head over heels.

Olivia Quillio just can't seem to post as much new music as my love demands of her and yet, today I'm satiated - a little bit. She posted up this brand new video for a new track entitled "New Home" and it's a thing of beauty. I have both her demo and a record she recorded last year and this song by itself just blows them both out of the water. Girl has got some pipes on her and she's not afraid to use them. But it's not about being showy with her, no, when Olivia sings it's a rush of emotion that grips you tight and threatens never to let go. And for some reason or another you're completely okay with that.

So until she can supply all of the music my heart demands, this'll do. And it's a mighty fine placeholder.

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